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      Introducing S.O. Small  Business Partner


      Brilliantly observant, nature adoring and camera toting, Kalunda Janae Hilton is a native Miami artist whose senses are attune to the hierarchy of design, texture and structure. Inspired by myriad art forms, this multi-dimensional, multi-media’d woman of uncanny vision, has a breadth of work that spans a continuum from soft pastels, to penetrating pen and ink illustrations, to spontaneously capturing photographic images with her ever present camera. With a plethora of other innate, trans-formative talents, this artist ever strives to place her imprint upon each object she creates, so the masses at large recognize her unique talents and proficiency. She personifies the term meticulous. Her dogged tenacity follows through each phase of whichever media strikes her current fancy. Analytic eyes that perpetually scrutinize and examine her work in depth. Offering eye catching works of art that will bring oneness to a home, office or place of business.

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